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Art post !


Since I got so many comments on my previous art post ( thank you so much !! ^__^ ) I thought I'd go ahead and post the sketch of what I'm working on right now, another lovely Aristo man ;-)

"We will find a way in time" ( 11 x 14 inked sketch )

A sketched out my "soon to be husband" Jason as an aristo, with some steampunk-ish inspiration ( just delete if it's not "loli" enough XD it's fine lol! ) Just thought it would be fun to post some not so anime-ish art here ^.^ Anyway, hope you enjoy it ! ^____^

Thanks for looking!!

:::Edit::: oh hell, he's got 2 fingers missing, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I'll correct that XD XD XD must been the first time I ever done that O_o LOL!
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