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Vancouver. ((Angelpolis)) Tea Party

Haven't post on LJ for very long time because of schoolwork.
I am so glad that I finally have a chance to have more lolita tea parties and get to meet some new friends :)

Vancouver Tea Party At Wedgewood Hotel

February 1st

It was a very sudden decision. Dear Annie contacted me about the tea party 2 days ago asking if I am available to go afternoon tea on Sunday afternoon. Haven't seen my dear Annie and Karen for sometime, I agreed to go to the tea. To my surprise, I met two wonderful lolita friends there, Jessie and Jozie(^V^). The experience was wonderful, and I look forward for our next tea party!

Dear Annie and Me

My new pretty lolita friends~~~there are wonderful people to have afternoon tea with (^3^)

My dear karen, as lovely as usual <333333333

et c'est moi!!!

Our delicious treats, starting from the top, chocolate eclairs and scones with Devon cream.

middle: fruit tart, dry fruit cake, lemon cake, hazelnut tart

bottom: sandwiches!!!salmon pinwheel, egg salad, shrimp salad, cucumber cream cheese, chicken salad

I had Darjeeling tea. I have been drinking nothing but orthodox tea since last winter :)

Group picture :)


dress: Custom design

Me and Karen dear

Annie and Jozie

the cute Baby the star shine bright twins!!!
except that Jozie has her wonderful top hat made by herself :)

Burgandy always look on on dear Annie <3333

Jessie in Baby the star shine bright :)

Me, Tamie

corset,skirt,petticoat,headdress: Antique beast
necklace, bolero : MMM
socks: Innocent world Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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