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Latest creation and a quandry

My lolita inspired outfits are all things I have made myself. I have so enjoyed the photos here, that it seems time to share something of mine! I am tall, full figured, and run a sewing business (yosa.com). I visited Japan when I was 13, and already I was too tall for the clothes I tried on while I was there!

This is out of my normal color range, but the combo of handwriting and music notation was too much to resist. The question remains though, if I sell it, or keep it for myself. I LOVE how full it is and the swoosh. The skirt is built in three panels, with the front two panels set to be gathered up with ribbons to show an under petticoat. There are grommets hidden under the lighter ruffle and ribbons set into the seams. Wheee! I am very please with the result!

Pictures behind the cut:

Also, I have been looking on ebay for petticoats to deconstruct, and for supplies. My best search so far is for square dance clothes. The trick for me is to keep the thing that I am sewing away from looking like square dance clothes- which are familiar to people here in Kansas.
Any tips to share?

It is clothes like this that are square dance, but seemingly lolita too:


and other things in this search:

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