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I just though this was funny.. its one of those lame adds on the sidebar on myspace.

 Also EGL, what is the most akward daily (regular) thing for you to do while wearing lolita?

For me, its using public restrooms. Now I have no problem with public restrooms, yea they are wicked nasty at times but i dont care haha. You gotta piss somewhere right :P. But the akward part is when you get one of those really narrow stalls and you lift your skirt up, pull your knickers down and sit and all of a sudden youre being cusumed by your skirt and petticoat and its like you have been dumped in a pool of cloth and now you have to climb through it just to find the toilet paper. My petti is fairly dead as far as fluff so i dont really feel that fluffy when im wearing lolita but the second i have to use the public restroom i feel like my skirt is eating me lol. I feel like the handicap stall should have another icon next to the wheelchair, a lolita girl icon haha.

so whats the most akward thing for you to do in loltia that you have to do on a regular basis?

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