1_noshi (1_noshi) wrote in egl,

DIY commutity!

Hello everyone!

I recently started this community called  diy_jp , It's dedicated to the creative aspects of the Japanese culture, and self-made items in particular. This community is open for everyone to join who is interested in showing off creations, selling/buying them, or maybe just to admire them ^^
I've seen beautiful works by lolitas such as self made clothes, art, jewelry, and other accessories. So I was thinking that some of you might feel like posting these outside the lolita communities and/or post other creative works inspired by the Japanese culture.
For example  other Japanese fashion inspired clothes, fan-art, cute phone-straps, cosplay, anime plushies, nail-art, origami/amigurumi, or whatever you can think of, related to / inspired by Japan. Feel free to join and post! ^^

I got permission from missmeganmaude to promote my community here ^^  (Thanks again!)
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