Chokelate (chokelate) wrote in egl,

Any Skateboard Lolitas?

So how many skating Lolitas are out there?
I'm planning on doing some skateboard deck illustrations and I thought it could be neat to make a couple loli-inspired designs.
Would there be any interest?

I havn't got any examples yet, but I'm going to start doing some drafts for designs tomorrow and if there would be interest I'd put them up for sale :)

Some questions I have for the skaters:

-Would you be interested in a loli-themed deck?
-Would you be interested in a brand print themed design?
-What style do you prefer for your decks in general, and what brand/artist do you usually roll :P
-What do you think is an acceptable price for a loli-deck?
-Do you have any ideas for themes? If so, what are they?


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