bucketmouse (bucketmouse) wrote in egl,

Tokyopop past contest winners, please advise me!

Hi everyone, first-time-long-time. I just found out last week that I won one of the products on pages 34-35 of the 4th Tokyopop G&L Bible, so I had to sign & send in the release form. However, I emailed a scan of the form back last Saturday, and have only just now taken a good look at the email and the rules on the form. The email sent to me said that I could return the form by email, fax OR regular mail, and the form itself has instructions to return it by email AND regular mail...As it turns out, the earliest I'll be able to send out the paper copy of the release form is Monday, so I hope I'm not too late.

What's really worrying me is that I did not receive a confirmation of the original email I sent to Tokyopop. I told them to write me back if they were unable to view what I sent them (I sent them a scan of the form in a Grayscale .gif that wasn't especially huge, so it's not like a multi meg attachment or anything.) So I'm posting to ask any people here who have won anything from the Tokyopop G&L Bibles as to what their experiences were in returning any release forms.

Thanks in advance, desu wa~
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