Cute Cute (qcute) wrote in egl,
Cute Cute

Suggestions and Idea Request: My first web site!!

Hi Girls,

Some of you may aware that my selling page had lot of new Lolita shoes, dressings and accessories available recently. But I found that's very hard to fit all of them as hard to classify those items. (And I feel that all of you may hard to find items on ours LJ as well...........! Some of my fds even can't find the shoes model that they want from my page!! >_<) So that I am planning to build my own web site within these few months.

Right now I've an idea of "pink color" theme! (Pink color is my favorite!! ^_^) Apart from that, I don't have much other ideas about the page layout and system.

Apart from Loli Shoes, dressing and accessories, should I put some kind of JP pop or traditional culture dressing in there? Or even some kind of punk items (those always showed on Kera Magazine).

Dolls would be another items that I may have interest to put on the web as I always dream to have a doll wearing the same Lolita dressing as me. (some of you may want to do or evein did that already!!! =P)

Cosplay items may be on my target list as well, but I should not talk too much here...........!!! =P

What would you think about that?! Any idea can give it to me? As that's my first web site, I really want to put more different opinions on that. (And I also want to make it better.............!!!)

Thank you very much everybody!! ^_^


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