COURT-NEE (bijoujou) wrote in egl,

Hello! Im kinda new at sewing lolita (this is not a question about sewing, so much) and I was wondering how appropriate boat necklines are for lolita.

I decided it was easier for me to sew things I can already  know how and things that I could probably wear outside of lolita, too!


Lol, the best example was from my pupe, all they had on google image was stupid t-shirts that people cut up, and they were gross.

So, I was going to make something like this sans dancer frills at the neck-line with some obvious sweet pattern.

Would this sort of neckline be appropriate? I am making it for everyday wear anyways, (so I won't be sad if ya'll say hell no) but it would be nice if I could just alter my pattern slightly and get a new lolita piece.

Thanks ladies!

(Also, any example of boatneck line is lolita is loved!)

EDIT: Also, do you think it would look too nautical? Like, do you think it might only work with sailor?

EDit x2: For spelling

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