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Problems with Crescent Shop. Halp please? D:


So, I went to Crescent Shop this morning to check on the shipment status of an auction I won. (It's irrelevant, but...Red Riding Hood JSK! I'm so excited!)

Anyway...when I saw my auctions list I kind of went "Uh...wut? D:" because there was an item on my list that I definitely didn't place a bid on. It has since been closed and my account is the one that made the highest bid, so I guess that means I'm the winner? A few minutes later, received email notification about my "auction deputy" for the item. The message enclosed was when the bid was placed was "I would like to purchase this at its Buy It Now price, please."

Maybe I'm paranoid, but the fact that my account won an item that I didn't place a bid on kind of weirds me out. This is a shared computer, but I doubt seriously that anyone in this house tried to bid on items for me. I'm also pretty sure it's not possible to get my bid mixed up with another user's. So...what could have happened, then? I'm trying not to jump to extremes and call "identity theft!", but the idea is fresh in my mind because my mom just recently had hers stolen. I've changed the password to my Crescent and Paypal accounts just to be on the safe side.
Has anyone had something like this happen to them while they've been using Crescent? Furthermore, what should I do about it? I'm still new to using that site and from what I can tell, there appears to be no way to retract a bid. I guess my best bet is to contact Crescent shop about this. Although, I'm not sure what I would say.

If Crescent can't do anything about it, I could always re-sell the blouse on the comm_sales, I suppose. I just want to make sure nothing fishy is going on first.

Any advice you can give would be lovely. Thanks.


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