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Beaded crown tutorial

I've been asked to make a tutorial for beaded crowns, so I finally got around to it. These are the instructions for the beaded crown in the Gothloli pattern book 1. I translated the directions and tried to explain them in further detail, but you should be able to consult the pictures if my wording is confusing (which I'm sure it is). Feel free to ask me for clarification of any parts.

Beaded Crown

Pearl beads: 58 of 8mm, 60 of 6mm -- You can get them in huge packs of 100 or more usually for 99 cents in the craft store
Wire: 28 or 26 gauge, about 2 and a half yards --Can also get in craft stores in rolls of 40 yards or more, also for about 99 cents
Ribbon (2 yards) or hair comb
Needle-nose pliers and wire cutters
Mysterious self-attaching Japanese rhinestone things (??)

1) Make the base
Cut two pieces of wire 30cm (about a foot) long. Double them up and thread 24 of the 8mm beads onto it. Tie off the wire by twisting it around itself, and/or threading it back through the beads. The wire is doubled so it's more sturdy.

2) Make the top
Cut three pieces of wire 50cm (about 20 inches). Fold the wire in half and slide any part of the base between the two halves (it doesn't matter where you start).
Image attempting to make sense of that:

Twist horizontally so it wraps itself once tightly, and then start threading beads over BOTH wires. Thread beads in a large-small-large-small pattern. You will use 6 large beads, starting with one on the bottom. Once you get to the last large bead, thread 3 small beads in a row. This is the top stop point. Leave about a bead's width of extra wire (just don't make it too tight), then mirror the pattern exactly on the reverse. At the end, tie the wire off exactly 12 beads from your starting position by wrapping it around the base.

Start the next wires in the exact same way, starting 4 beads from your starting position, and ending 4 beads after your ending position. You should have 6 places where the top wires connect to the base, and they should all be 4 beads apart.

3) Make the cross
Cut a piece of wire 10cm (about 4 inches) long, and thread 6 of the 6mm beads onto it. Take one end of the wire and, skipping the last bead, back-thread it through the rest of the beads. At the top where the 3 pieces meet, you should have left enough space to allow for them to overlap nicely. Take this new short piece and wrap the ends around the intersection of all the wires, tying it off by wrapping it around itself underneath it all. Leave a teeny bit of wire room.
Cut another 10cm long piece of wire and thread 4 beads onto it, using the same back-threading method. Tie off.
Take this short piece and wrap it around the cross so there are 2 beads on the top, 4 beads on the bottom, and 2 on each side.

4) Finish
If you have these mysterious rhinestone type things, attach them in the middle of the cross so you can't see where the wires meet. Alternately, hot glue a rhinestone on each side, or use nothing at all. If you're using ribbon, cut 75cm (about 30 inches) and wrap a bit around, either sewing it in a loop or gluing it on opposing sides of the crown. For a comb, use extra wire to attach the comb to the base, wrapping wire through the teeth. Tuck in and cut all loose wire ends. Shape it to your satisfaction.


NOTE: If you use different size beads, make sure to do proper calculations so the crown ends up the same dimensions. For example, if you have only 6mm beads, make the base out of 32 of them instead of 24, or else the base will be much too small for the top parts.
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