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Alice Bow Tutorial **Updated**

After many failed attempts I finally got it right, or at least how I like it. But I felt frustrated that I couldn’t find an easy tutorial on Alice bows. So I decided to make one. I want to thank  [info]lacey_dolly   for these measurements I got them from here if you would like to visit her original post.

I used Different colored fabrics so it would be easier to tell the different pieces apart. Please feel free to comment or PM me if you have any suggestions or questions.

I hope this helps


S :

Base (cut 2) X
10 1/4 inches (25.4 cm) wide [tall], by 7 3/16 Inches (17.78 cm) length

Top (cut 2) X
6 3/8 inches (15.24 cm) wide/tall by 8 3/4 inches (20.32 cm) length

Center (cut one on fold) 1 2
3 3/16 inches (7.62 cm) wide by 3 7/8 inches (7.62 cm) length

Matching thread

C O N S T R U C T I O N :


Once you have your pieces cut out start with the base. 

Have the right side of the fabric facing up. if you want lace on the bottom layer then place it on now. I dont really measure the lace, you should be alright if you make the lace just a little longer than the width of the fabric.
~ Example
With right sides together pin both pieces and sew. I’m not really sure on the seam allowance I always just use the edge of the foot and match it to the edge of the fabric. Leave a small corner open so you can turn it inside out. Once you are done sewing clip the corners by cutting a small V like this. Now turn right side out and press seams open. Now set it aside Base


All right lets start with the top of the bow.

For the top part make the same way as the base. Pin lace if desired, then put right sides together of both pieces. Don't forget to leave a space open so you can turn right side out; clip corners. Press seams before turning right side out if you want a flatter bow. If you want a fluffier one then press after turning right side out.
Set aside.


We are almost done. Take your piece you made for the center and fold it long wise so the sides match, pin and stitch. Leave both end open we will sew those together later. Press the seam flat then turn right side out. you can fold it again length wise (i like a smaller middle piece like this and i also like it thick. If you want the smaller middle but not as thick just cute the measurements in half.) if you like the larger middle pieces then there isnt a need to fold it in half.  

Fold the center piece in half pin and sew. if you want a tighter middle then put your bow pieces together and measure with the center piece until it looks how you want it to. Make a mark then sew.( i usually back stitch a couple times just to make sure it wont unravel) Iron seam flat and turn right side out.

F I N I S H I N G :

OK its time to put it all together now! Set the Top layer atop the bottom and Pinch them together in the middle it should look something like this: X

Also one more way to finish off your bow is to place the top layer and inch above the bottom and sew them together. then fold it up like a paper fan and place the middle around it. i have not yet tried this but it seems effective and thanks to [info]kaorte who was kind enough to share this advice with us. here is her drawing to get a better idea. X
Whichever way you choose to finish off the bow, dont forget to shape it. It may take some playing around with to get it the way you like. If you are in a hurry i suggest slipping the bow on a headband it stays and can easily be hidden under hair. If you have a little more time sew a comb onto the back side of the middle section of the bow. You can find the combs at Micheal's. You can also use Ribbon but its a little tricky depending on how heavy your bow is; unless you sew it in then it will slip and be a pain. I also use bobby pins to stick it in my hair; it may take a few but they hold it in pretty secure. 

C O M P L E T E D :

When you have finished it should look something like these depending on the thickness of the material you used.
fluffy (this bow was made with only pressing the seams after turned right side out)
flat (this bow the seams were pressed both before and after turning it right side out)

                   * both bows were made the same.  You can see the difference of the shaping and thickness in this picture.

 A ♦ F E W H E L P F U L T I P S :

 * If you press the seams before turning it inside out then you will end up with a less fluffy bow than if you do it the other way.

* the higher you place the top piece on the base piece the more you will see of each

* Be careful of the thickness of the material, too thick and the bow might not stay on the top of your head. The material you pick is very important.

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