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question answered ^_^

so, i'm actually really curious about this, and i'm not meaning to flame, but i really want to know.

if it's innapropriate, then mods, please delete this post.

so here's the question:

does anyone actually pay attention/take to heart the things that are said on getoffegl and communities like that? if so, why? have many people on that comm actually  been to japan to talk to people in the industry about loli fashion?(i.e. fashion designers, store clerks, loli authors, loli artists, etc.)   'cause the only way i could see people on that comm being so set in their lolita rules is if they spoke with an insider about it...

reason for asking is that the rules of lolita in the west and the rules of lolita in japan seem to be very different... for example, there are things that people criticize on these western comms that i think would be fine over there... but i only have minimal insider knowledge, so i was wondering maybe if those people had spoken at length to people in the industry...

so basically i'm interested in where everyone is getting their info from, particularly the people who have these strict rules about lolita...if the source is not from fashion insiders in japan, is the point of the strict rules in the western loli community to start a new and different branch of loli culture, or is it to emulate the loli culture of japan in the west.

i'm really interested in hearing your answers!!  thanks for looking!

EDIT:  thanks guys!! that was really cool and interesting, and i learned a lot! hopefully there were no hard feelings or anythings!! <3
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