Nightmare Carnival [ ハート は 万華鏡 ] (addictive_sugar) wrote in egl,
Nightmare Carnival [ ハート は 万華鏡 ]

WHERE TO COMMISSION: a list of seamstresses/tailors

We often tell people they can have garments commissioned if buying japanese brand clothing isn't an option, but without knowing where to turn, that advice doesn't help; so here's a list of links to websites/LJs of people taking commissions.
Please note that this database is neither exhaustive nor perfectly up-to-date; keep in mind that a commissioners' availability is subject to change.
It is also crucial to research any seamstress/tailor further should you be interested in commissioning them, as I cannot keep track of their feedback, nor guarantee the quality of their work or customer service.

last updated: January 29th, 2013.

List of seamstresses/tailors available for commission, in alphabetical orderCollapse )

Additional info can be found in the comments to this post, so please check them out.

If you have more links to add, any additional details (if commissions are limited to certain types of garments, for example), links to reviews for each seamstress/tailor, or if you'd like to be taken off the list, please drop me a comment on this post and I'll edit it asap.
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