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Dewy-Eyed Disney Bride

double creature feature starring the philly lolitas


Once again that foxy group of fillies from Philly fought the scum of the city at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

We planted our first agent, Codename Ribbon (princessleia1 , in the tapestry room. That's not a blurry picture, that's a device to make her harder to catch.

(OP: Angelic Pretty)

a_dropofcolour  ) has evidently abducted the cloaking device that creates the blur!

(OP and hat: Angelic Pretty
awesome hair: All her own)

My feathers have poison in them!

Things were heating up and punches were thrown, so the museum staff escorted us out on our asses.

We were then forced to join together to fight a common enemy: the ice and snow all over the steps. PRETTY DANGEROUS AND IRRESPONSIBLE, MUSEUM GUYS!

Pretty women, taking pictures. Hello I am a barber who slits people's throats.

Amazing bananasushi   ! Look how lovely she is! From a distance I thought she was wearing the BABY Marie Antoinette OP, but I soon found out she MADE this. My jaw dropped. She seriously looks like she could be a naive Austrian princess set to a backdrop of ill-fitting New Wave music!

She has a Disney Princess necklace! Lucky!

If I were a Meta website designer, I would say, "She is lovely like princess! She look like the prettiest doll!!!!!!!!"

Gorgeous Miss Kristin.

"She coordinate so perfect like Victorian Doll... coordinate..."

Ohoho I caught her smiling despite her best efforts to look serious! So cute!

HELLO MY DEAREST HORSEY PRINCESS. A little girl walked into a room where we were CAREFULLY OBSERVING AND COMMENTING ON EVERY NUANCE OF EACH PIECE and said, "Oh hey look princesses!" The little girl's mom said, "Yeah, look at all the princesses! Oh look that princess has horsies on her dress! Look at the horsey princess!"

cupcakecadaver   is wearing an Angelic Pretty OP and cutsew, of which I am very jealous. Very jealous. I'd watch your back if I were you, Millie. Sometimes... things happen to dresses. That are out of anyone's control. I think you know what I'm talking about. Let's leave it at that.

Aw, no, I could never do anything to separate the girl from that dress. It was pretty much made for her. One day, Maki had a dream. And in this dream was the cutest blonde girl she had ever seen. And above the girl's head she saw a sign, and the sign said HORSEY PRINCESS. When Maki awoke, she designed the cutest dress anyone had ever seen.

So pretty much literally made for her.

sakurafairy   has constructed perfection in dress form, once again. Notice the immaculate... everything. SHE TAKES COMMISSIONS, PEOPLE. I would pick up the phone now. And by pick up the phone I mean "construct a polite and detailed e-mail with a reasonable request".

Guys please stop checking out my friend's butt. That's my job.

I am taking elegance classes and Tyler is my teacher. So far I am getting a D.

Miko took cute lessons from God and got an A+++++.

She really does have the coolest hair ever, am i rite or am i rite?

Miko thinks my captions are LAUGHABLE, but not in the "laughing with me" way. :(

Our resident gyaru, badaleek   , in H+M, Steve Madden, and one hell of a bouffant.

I'm jealous of her hair skills, not jealous so much of the foot pain she had to deal with as a result of the awesome shoes.

Yes, I did feel like a bum next to these gorgeous ladies. Thanks for asking. D:

Skirt by Atelier Pierrot, blouse by Anna House, tricorn by sakurafairy   .

I thought if anyone should be caught making a horrible face, it should be me. Keeps things LIVELY.

We snuck back in to eat our fill. I mean, I ate my fill. Everyone else ate salads. Salads, I say! That is the opposite of Rococo decadence but fitting perfectly into brand is not as easy as they make it look.

Top, L to R: Miko (a_dropofcolour   ), Kristin (princessleia1   ), Allie (bananasushi   ), Dajanaye (badaleek   ), and Tyler (sakurafairy   )
Front: Millie (cupcakecadaver   ) and me (tropigalia   )

There are important matters to discuss, people. Macarons, pintucks, Angelic Pretty shipping overseas, factual errors in the new English Lolita Bible. IMPORTANT MATTERS.

My BOYFRIEND (trentacle   ) and me in the Rococo room. Trent is in a Bodyline OP, Baby the Stars Shine Bright blouse, and Victorian Maiden headbow.
"I wouldn't mix Bodyline with those other things, Mary. That's just tacky."

Tyler said we looked like the painting "American Gothic" and I tried to draw in a pitchfork but it turns out I am really THAT inept.

My favorite painting: Let me show you it.

"Suffering Jesus Flanked By Two Totally Creepy and Grotesque Cherubs" by one of those Crivelli guys.

Tyler and I quickly ditched the rest of the girls, citing "too much cute, not enough dramu". The next day we went to ANOTHER art museum, the really lovely Delaware Art Museum. It's notable for its collection of Howard Pyle paintings, who liked to illustrate stories about pirates and whiny medieval ladies. It also has an astonishing pre-Raphaelite collection.

I made Tyler try to imitate the lady in the Pyle painting. I think she did a pretty good job.

Then we said, "Hur hur let's take pictures in the cold!"

Tyler in another gorgeous handmade frock!

She looks all cute an' tranquil.

She made the bow in about 15 minutes the night before. D: Too much talent in one person.

You gettin' into some kinda trouble, girl.

I look both sultry and confused, which is the way I like it.

This is us trying to look Pre-Raphaelite. I got it! The long red hair, the big lips, the sort of stoned expressi-- wait, wait.

I look like I have inappropriate feelings for Tyler.

I am a little forceful in my advances. She is not appreciative.

Things got a little ugly and oddly synchronized.

We later learned that kittens make everything better.

We like to take the phrase "life imitating art" a little too seriously.

It looks like I'm being shocked at his genitalia but I promise you, there was no genitalia.

I think that sums it up pretty nicely.

I'm sorry that long post is so long. Here, have this. We saw it on our way back:

Tyler's mom said, "You want to marry me? O rly?"

Anyhoozit, you can see more pictures from the Art Museum shoots here, there, and everywhere.
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