wintermoon_snow (wintermoon_snow) wrote in egl,

Cleaning Care Questions

I went to the drycleaners today to see about getting my Angelic Pretty Mermaid One Piece cleaned. 
I looked up the translations for the care labeling system the night before, wrote it down on a piece of paper, and attached it to the garment to make things easier for them.

I pulled the dress out of the bag for the lady working there to see and she asked if I'd ever gotten it drycleaned before. I said no and she said she was concerned about the mermaid appliques at the bottom getting ruined from heat. She was also concerned about the little pearl-like beads coming off. So my question is, those of you that own this dress, how did you handle getting it drycleaned? Or did you handwash it (and if so what did you use)? 

Also, I wanted to know if anybody out there has good tips on how to get rid of sweat stains from things that are white. 

Please and thank you!
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