Slave to Aesthetics (milkypop) wrote in egl,
Slave to Aesthetics

Corsets: Creations L'Escarpolette: A Warning!


This may be slightly OT, but I know a good number of you guys are are into corsets so I think it is important to post this here. Creations L'Escarpolette is a custom corsetmaker that has been scamming people out of hundreds of dollars. Her corsets look absolutely gorgeous in photographs and a good number of them would look wonderful with lolita. I myself had been thinking about saving for one... until now. It seems like it is her tendency to accept money upfront, send out a mockup of a corset, then cease all communication and not send out the final corset. Some orders have been "pending" since 2006!

You can read the negative experiences customers have had here:

Her Etsy:

Her Etsy for Victorian boot covers:

Her website:

I know her work looks delicious and her feedback appears to be good, but the truth says otherwise :(

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