puddlequackie (puddlequackie) wrote in egl,

Akinori Isobe Research

For a project at school, I have to research two designers in some detail. One of my designers is Akinori Isobe (Main designer of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright).
I hadn't realised how hard it would be to find interviews, quotes, etc in English. I found one on the kamikaze girls website, and apparently Shojo Beat's Dec edition had an interview, but Viz Media no longer ship outside of the US and Canada.
So here is where I ask for your help.
If anyone has a copy of the Shojo Beat magazine, and is able to scan the interview and any accompanying pictures, I would really appreciate it.
This is a longer shot, but if anyone has other interviews, quotes or information (that isn't at the obvious places such as wikipedia) at their disposal, I would truly be thankful. Any older stock photos or pictures would also be appreciated.

If I don't get enough information, I'll choose a designer with more information available, but I'd rather research Isobe.

Thankyou everyone! ^^

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