Miss Megan Maude (missmeganmaude) wrote in egl,
Miss Megan Maude

The Ban Policy

*** EGL & EGL_Comm_Sales Ban Policy ***

Members who continually violate the posting rules of the community will be banned according to the following schedule.

When a member violates the rules to the extent that a mod decides disciplinary action must be taken, that member will receive a warning.

When a member receives three warnings, they will be temporarily banned for one week.

When that member is unbanned, if that member receives two additional warnings, they will be temporarily banned for one month.

If the member then continues in unsatisfactory conduct, with the accumulation of one more warning they will be permanently banned from the community.

If the same member is found to be using another account to post after having been banned, that account will also be banned. For this reason, no member who wishes to stay in the community should let a banned member post from their account.

If possible, a warning must be written by a moderator to a member via the Live Journal private message system. Additionally, the member will be warned in a public comment if possible.

If a member is found to be a spammer, troll or scammer, their username and all associated usernames will be banned with no warnings. Notification will be sent by the Live Journal private message system, if possible.

All warnings and bans, except for perma-bans, disappear one year after they are issued. If a member has been banned in the past, but it has been over a year since their last offense, they will only receive a warning rather than a further ban.
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