Layla (listerinepree) wrote in egl,

Guro rly?

Sooooo we already did a photoshoot here but we kinda wanted to go back since its not gonna be there much longer, and we figured we had a MUCH more appropriate theme for the location.


also these probably arent strictly lolita in the strictest of senses but i still think you guys will like them...well, some of you ;)

LOL sorry for the photos being down - had some dramurz to contend with on the urbexing scene...

This was one of the longest prep times we've had for a photoshoot. Im crazy about nurse and medical stuff so  its taken us nearly two years to get the outfits together!

In a morgue just outside Leeds, a man opened a door....a scary door....

Who would have guessed that two zombie-nurse-guro-gothic-lolitas lurked inside?


They possessed hugely advanced medical technology and weaponry.

And could survive without hearts!

and survive they did...

Where do you try to find the pulse though?

No pulse, no temperature....

maybe this handheld CAT scan may reveal more clues....

and then Layla became Rage infected, and Briony took her skirt off :D

Look at the blood at the end of my nose, awww cute!

briony just drooled blood everywhere!!

super kawaii!

OMG two hearts!

we're sciencing as fast as we can!

she wants your brains! Shes like a zombie Devry university!

Then obviously being evil alien guroerogothlolitas we seduced the man!



Outfit Rundowns....

Briony - Meta nurse skirt and shorts, new look blouse, offbrand socks, spica nurse hat, demonia boots, skin2 corset and eyepatch by miffyhorrorshow who makes amazing stuff with real animal bones, these have little rat skulls on them! Id highly reccomend her anyway, she made our commision in record speed and we were very pleased.

Layla - handmade pvc nurse dress and hat, meta bloomers and offbrand socks and headbow and shoes the same as briony. Plus a vintage medical corset, some bandages and btssb bloomers in the second outfit.

Sam - wears the real morticians suit we found when we were there!

Just a disclaimer, sorry these arent 100% lolita and yeah we know why so although feel free to post con-crit its probably not relevant, if you catch my drift!

Tags: media: photoshoots
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