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Xelyna's Guide to Collecting Lolita Clothes on a Budget

Today I wanna talk about my philosophy of collecting lolita clothes without breaking the bank. I'm not usually one for essays, but I've been inspired to put in a few words.

Now, compared to when I started to collect lolita clothes, there are a lot of ways of buying them these days. Brands ship overseas, there are bidding services for auctions, there is the egl_comm_sales and heaps more. But with all this choice, how can you get a wardrobe which is right for you and not end up with orphaned pieces that you never seem to wear?

* First point: Choose a color!

Lolita clothes are usually in these colors:
Common: Black, White, Pink
Normal: Light Blue, Cream, Red, Dark Blue, Brown, Grey
Rarer: Mint, Dark Green, Violet, Yellow
This is in the order of how many they make and how easy it is to get them IMO.
Also, I am tempted to count BlackXWhite as a color in itself, because you usually should match black with white lace all over to keep it coherent.

Personally my colours are Black and Light Blue, because I like to do sweet lolita and gothic lolita.

* Second Point: Stick to these colors when buying anything!

Once you have the accessories to match, you can keep adding as long as it's the same. Don't be tempted by something cheap in another color, because this will usually end up involving you to have to buy a whole lot more other things in that colour to match. Keep watching sales and auctions and new releases, and you will soon see your workable wardrobe adding up.

Note: Not all colors are created equal. Matching a color like pink across brands or even across seasons can be hard. Colours that are usually light are darker in Autumn/Winter, so your accessories might need to change.

* Third Point: Mix, match, repeat!

So now you have one or two colors, try adding some prints and start thinking about how you can match them in new ways. If you have plain black, white and cream blouses, they can match nearly any dress or skirt colour. If you buy a dress or skirt with a busy print, you have to think about which color to pick out to make the main one for your accessories. For example, if you had a blackXwhite gingham dress, black socks and a black headdress looks better than white socks and a white headdress IMO.

OMGWTFBBQ?! - That sounds simple enough, what's the catch?
The next things you have to think about are:
* Types of lace- Sometimes they just won't match, like cotton lace and chemical lace
* Materials- A velvet dress is less versatile than a cotton one
* Lining and weight of fabric- in different seasons you will want to minimise how hot/cold you get.

An example of my philosophy in action? Here's a pic of me from December's Kera magazine (they gave me the original):

I am wearing 4 different brands here:
Blouse = BtSSB
Skirt = Heart-E
Jacket = Angelic Pretty
Socks = Metamorphose
All the accessories are from Sanrio because I freaking love Cinnamoroll and he matches meXD All these clothes are from different seasons and I think I bought most of them on sale too. (The only thing I still don't have is matching shoes but my big feet are making that impossible right now>_>;; Can anyone recommend a brand that makes blue and white shoes in 25-25.5cm? Every time I try them on in shops in Japan the staff either give me a "That's too bad," line or just tell me to get out>_<;;)

Anyway, I think I've ranted for enough now, comments/questions/etc are welcome!
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