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I pre-ordered this Mary Magdelene coat back in September, and today it finally arrived! I thought I would write a brief review of it for you because I know how nerve-wracking it is blowing that much cash when you have no first-hand account of the quality.

Their image:
Mary Magdalene coat

My package came with this envelope inside...

...which contained these lovely postcards. The text on the egg-shell reads 'Absent but dear'.

On to the coat itself! I ordered it in the 'milk chocolate' colour, which is a beautifully rich brown. I would say it appears slightly darker in person than in their images, which is perfect for me because I was worried about it clashing horribly with black socks/shoes. All the accents (capelet, velveteen bows, waist belt, fur trim) are detachable, so it's very versatile in that respect.

Be warned that the fur is NOT fake, so if you have ethical objections to real fur then be very careful when buying from Mary Magdalene. (Edit: I'm told that the fur trim is in fact fake, which is good! It is the most wonderfully soft, fine fake fur I've ever felt though.) The coat itself is 50% wool and 50% angora, so it is gloriously soft (and not itchy like 100% wool can be), and very warm. The lining is that standard satin that just about every brand uses.

Here are some images of the details:
Visible buttons.

Button holes.

Lace/detachable velveteen bow detail on pocket. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the pockets are, in fact, real rather than decorative too, so you can store keys/phones in there.

Capelet fastening.

Fur collar fastening.

Collar with capelet/fur removed:

I'm sure I remember someone asking about the accuracy of their measurements not so long ago too. Here are the ones they list:
Length: 96cm (37.8 inches)
Bust: 100cm (39.4 inches)
Shoulder width: 36cm (14.2 inches)
Sleeve length: 60cm (23.6 inches)
Waist: 76cm (29.9 inches)

The shoulder width, sleeve length, and overall length measurements are absolutely spot-on. However, my measurements put the bust at 94cm (37 inches) waist at 74cm (29.1 inches). All of these are absolute maximum measurements- I reckon you need to be at least 1 inch smaller than all of them for the coat to fit properly.

For reference, I am exactly 5ft tall, with a 30 inch bust and 25 inch waist. Here's how it fits (colours not correct):

All in all, I'm delighted with this purchase! It was very expensive (53,800 yen), but the materials and tailoring are top quality and, unlike most brand coats, it's not too big for me. Definitely worth splashing out on in my opinion- the Scottish Winter will not harm me now. :D
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