Sarah Ruth (mint_cake) wrote in egl,
Sarah Ruth

For Christmas to my utter joy, I received a new AP dress from my husband~!  I've been dying to find the chance to wear it out since i opened it, and finally found a decent break in the wet weather to do just that. I thought I would share some pictures of the dress up day with everyone~ ^__^

First trip was going to UC Berkeley campus. Its was great, all the students were gone for the holidays, so whole campus was basically empty. (A rare treat).

Trying to be stoic and scholarly..... it is an university after all.....

I really wish I owned a real puppy...... ::sigh::

Because butt pictures are so loli...

On the way to lunch we found a candy store......

Sadly it was no longer in existence.....

Then me and my Slave photographer, patient husband went out to lunch at this great  French take out place.  They have wonderful food, and cute boxes they serve it in with plastic silver spoons, its a bit like a mini picnic! XD

The end! Sorry for the huge pile of photos.. We were rather snap happy today...
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