Vief (laviefantasque) wrote in egl,

Eeee, okay, I hate to be a bother, but... I really need some help! [and where else to get the best help, eh!]

On the 8th of January I have to hand in a paper [6-10 pages] and I chose to write about EGL. As in, the style.
Obviously I had to put some anthropologist-type questions in there. [It's for my anthropology exam.]
My questions were something along the lines of "where does it come from? who 'take part' in it? typical things? art?" etc.

Basically, I'm looking for articles and books for research-like information that I can use. I want to write an informative and mostly objective paper.

So, if you know of any articles and books or maybe if you have written anything yourself, can you help me out? If you don't want to let me read anything you/someone else have/has written, maybe you could only give me the bibliography?

I know I'm suuuuperlate but I'm in the middle of moving and I only decided I wanted to do it on lolita on the VERY last minute and I couldn't find anything about it in the local library..

So yeah, probably a long shot but thanks anyway!
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