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±~§æ!+h the wÔr|d// ~kªmɑƶØ+ћ


I was skimming through TIME magazine because -le gasp!- 19 year old girl likes to read those things, and I soon came across a Top Ten list of Top Ten lists of the year. I looked at all the subcategories, and the fashion caught my eye, not for what jeans I want, but a specific type of pump, reminiscent of those worn years ago.
As if destined, my mom calls, wanting to go to Payless, to their clearance sales, and I says, "Sure, maybe I'll find my shoes there."
I wasn't expecting it, but Fioni, oh darling Fioni, has that shoe. On sale!!
Hellz yesh~!!

Herer is a link to that same shoe, but now that I have it, I'm thinking...What kind of lolita can I match this up with? Any ideas?

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