Lie-kun (lie_kun) wrote in egl,

LaForet luckypacks...

Just a quick question, is anyone else going to LaForet for luckypacks? I'm really wanting a Maxicimam one, and I was going to go there super-early and just wait, but of-course if I'm by myself I won't have anyone to wait with so if I need to go anywhere...

If anyone else is going, drop me a line? My email's My cellphone email, in-case I don't check my mail until tomorrow night, is (in-Japan cellphone only). If anyone wanted to go together...? I was planning to go at about 4 or probably 5 am (as the only one I REALLY want is Maxicimam and they won't sell out too fast) but I can go earlier :D I sort-of want more lolita ones as-well, and I can always buy more then just re-sell them, so...

Any interest? Sorry if this post seems random - I'll delete it after the 1st if you like ^^;


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