seraph (wyngstakeflight) wrote in egl,

Hong Kong lolita store Dracula hours

Hey everyone. Just a very quick question. I'll be in Hong Kong until the third of January and want to take a look at the lolita store Dracula located in Mong Kok. I found its address in a previous entry here and have actually went to the store twice already, but it was closed both times I was there. I was wondering if anybody knows the store's hours? The last time I was there it was around 4 in the afternoon and it was still closed. The CTMA Center says it's open from 3 - 10pm, but it seems like individual shops in the center pretty much opens on its own time. I'd be grateful if anyone can let me know around what times the store is open. I really want to at least look at what they have before I leave. Thanks!
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