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What colours would look good on me?

Hey there!

So, a lolita in serious need of some advise! Style question!

After wearing pretty much black in black with maybe some white accents so far, I'd really like to add some colour to my lolita wardrobe - however, I'm 1,80m tall and not really delicate in build, so I of course refrain from pink, baby blue and the like.

On this picture you can see my hair and skin colour quite well (I'm on the left), my skin tends to be a little more pinkish most of the time, and my eyes are gray-green-blue, depending on the lighting. And concerning my measurements, I want to seriously lose some weight next year, also because of health reasons and such, so maybe then colours will look more flattering than now?

Me in Vienna

I've been considering blue, green, red, maybe violet? Brown as well. I want to go for the more classical look, I don't think I do real EGL so well, I'm not fond of the real gothic-y stuff. (On myself, I mean.) One day, maybe I'd try sailor as well. Also, patterns would be nice. I also like IW's way of doing cream (like with their headpieces with the slightly darker ribbons), but I'm not sure I wouldn't look like a giant cake in it. Suggestions concerning colours?

I have to admit I'm rather afraid of white stockings or tights - I already have so chubby legs, they surely would look no better in white. (These are my horrible legs in all their chubby glory: Click.

I am also pondering posting a WTB someday for this IW dress because I think the colour might suit me. What do you think? (Not to mention that I absolutely adore it, of course.)

Gorgeous IW dress

*sets out tea and cake* Thanks in advance for any future answers ^-^

Love and liquorice,

edit: Now that someone mentioned it, I totally forgot my one and only true favourite colour: gray. So that is a possibility as well.

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