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Lolita day! Jill and Kristin! <3 <3

We had a really nice all-lolita day today! I woke up around 2:30pm, realized that Jill was probably ready to go out. So I drove fast over to her house in my PJs, picked her up, and I started getting ready for our lolita day! First we went to get boba (we had nummy lobster balls, too!). Then we decided to get some REAL food. :3

First picture, we took FOREVER to get ready for dinner. No, seriously, my hair took like 2 hours. >_<

Outside of my FAVORITE local sushi place. The guys who run it recognize me even out of lolita, because I'm such a regular! :)

So I made a funny face in this one, and Jill didn't.^

And then Jill made a funny face, and I didn't. xD ^

Feeling up frillz.

Then we took an excursion to a sex shop.

The following pics will be under a link, so you can chose to click on them. You know, just in case. Because I know there are younger people on EGL. <- WANT! XD

Our camera girl tonight, Angela! Thank you! <3

Outfit Rundowns:

Blouse: Innocent World
OP: Angelic Pretty
Headbow, Bag, Bloomers, Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Locket Necklace: Hello Kitty
Shoes: Montreal

Hat, socks, blouse, jacket: off brand  
Bow on hat: Meta
Skirt: MAM
Shoes: Montreal 
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