roxiefaye (roxiefaye) wrote in egl,

Showing off a blouse. CC welcome. (but not snarkyness/nastiness, just to clarify)

Um, so I've kind of been debating for ages whether or not I should post this on the comm, but then I saw everyone else's Christmas pictures, so I said, "why not?" And I've been moaning on egl, the comm sales, and over at the I_W lj comm, so I guess I should post the fruits of all my questions to them.

This was my first brand piece, and I was SO excited to get it that I went out in the un-snow-plowed streets to get to the Post Office to pick it up. XD

Package! With EMS shipping stuffs on it!!

Bubble wrap around the blouse.

I used Crescent Shop to get the blouse. They were surprisingly efficient and fast! It took exactly two weeks to arrive in my hands, from the time I submitted my order to them.

This is me wearing the blouse on Christmas. The skirt is totally un-loli and not important (Dear lolita gods, please forgive me for intentionally wearing lolita with non-lolita.). What I also wanted feedback on was the hair & curls. My mom told me it was 1940s the morning OF Christmas, AFTER I had done all the curls (so no, I couldn't very well change it at that point), and I almost died when she said that. So, too 1940s? If so, anything I could do to make that say, "Victorian"? (Oh, and yeah, I'm aware the make up is too heavy for lolita. But this was Christmas, not lolitamas, so... yeah.)
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