the Kool-Aid Man (chocolatexpanda) wrote in egl,
the Kool-Aid Man

BABY opening in San Francisco date?

DDD; yes, I have checked LJ-Search, the Shop List on BABY's site, and Google, and found nothing except for "Baby, the Stars Shine Bright in Harajuku, blahblahblah, Paris, other places, and one soon to come to San Francisco" somewhere on LJ-Search, but when I went to go back to look again at the post I couldn't find it [D: *LJ-Search retarded*]

Dx I know I saw it somewhere, that the SF Baby was to open in March or May? Could someone clarify it for me? And does anyone know the exact date, if there is one?

;_; I'll delete this RIGHT after I get an answer, I promise..

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