V.S. (banshee123) wrote in egl,

The Roriest Tree in the World

Happy lolidays!
I just wanted to share my tree, which I am very proud of.
Before I had ever even heard of lolita or anything remotely Japanese I was obsessed with the Alice in Wonderland books. For Christmas one year my family bought three different trees at Bronner's in Michigan.

I chose to theme my half wall tree Alice in Wonderland. :]

How convenient that I found lolita a few years later!

The colors look wonky from the camera, but there are:
tea pot lights
tea pots with scenes from alice in wonderland
two different kinds of mushrooms
harlequin orbs
a string of hearts garland
a trump card person
and my favorite part of all: the pocketwatch instead of a star!

i also threw in an homage to my favorite holiday, halloween!

And just to make this semi lolita...

I got a new dress from Baby today on Christmas eve!
Unfortunately all my lolita stuff is locked away in my dorm, and I'm in Alaska right now lol so I have literally nothing lolita here besides my dress...*i stuffed two a-line skirts from gap underneath to make it poof LOL*
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