kiwi_lady (kiwi_lady) wrote in egl,

So during the winter break, I got really bored, which made me goto Jo anns, and find cheap christmas fabrics : P. So I made a skirt out of it XD;. First time making a loli skirt, although I've been sewing for about 3 years now, it was an interesting experience : ).

Just a simple rectangular skirt with ruffles on the bottom w/ detachable ribbon : D

close up of the lace~. It's this really cute Cluny I found at Wal-mart orz...

The front.

Ugly face was hidden for viewing purposes D :.

The back.

I tried to give more of that meta 50's flare look to the skirt, and failed pretty miserably hahahha

No blouse/socks and whatnot since I left them all back on my college dorm. (after mother threw out my Peace Now shirt, I no longer take chance with loli goods at my home T_T;)

Constructive critiques / coordinate ideas would be great appriciated!!

Have a great holiday everyone <3 Thanks for viewing!
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