nico (kumonico) wrote in egl,

Mini SoFl meet-up @ Las Olas :)

Hi ladies and gents,

I wanted to make an announcement to see how many lolitas would be interested in attending a meet-up in Las Olas, South Florida.

it's a strip of boutiques, cafes, and art galleries, that seem to fit a typical lolita outing (the videogame arcade is a little farther away :D)

ironically, the date chosen--January, Friday the 5--takes place during the humongo art festival they have every year. Now this may be good....or bad.  It gets intensely crowded and becomes a tourist fly trap.

We could also do plan B, and  go to the museum of discovery and science, although I suggest going early to enjoy all the activities they have.

The only setback would be transportation...taking a bus in miami dressed in frills is...for lack of better words, dangerous...
I may be able to secure a ride from the 'obligated' boyfriend, and with that we can meet-up at FIU, and then be driven to and from the destination.

Please let me know if you are interested and want to attend. We lolis need to represent in SoFl x}

Friday Jan.5
~10-11am start time
~5-6 end time
activities: cafe, shopping (lol window shopping for me), and maybe the museum.

contact me through LJ, and my msn is for further chatting.

EDIT: I forgot about the tea house they have at las olas! If you scroll down to Las Olas, you'll find the riverside hotel. I've eaten there before, and remembered they had a tea room.

SECOND EDIT!  How is Early (~10a-3pm) Saturday Sound? Transportation WOULD be available that day. Please LJemail me is you can come!
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