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Need help for parasol disaster!

I think its the very first time a really post something here... 
ive been watching for a while but i think ive never see any post like this one .. so....

ok here's my problem... 
last summer ive lend my beautiful metamorphose white parasol to a friend.
she didnt have any parasol and since ive had 2 i just wanted to be a nice girl!

but she gave it back to me some month later... saying that there was a little stain on it  T_T
i didnt notice anything strange at the moment .. i just took back the parasol and put in  is bag in my wardrobe...

last week i decided to made a little clean up of my wardrobe and just for a bit of '' nostalgie ''
i decided to took out my white parasol from is bag....
when i opened it..!!!! OMFG!!!  ( sorry for this bag expression)

there wasnt a little stain... there was plenty horrid blackish line at every folded place!!! 
my beautiful parasol turn into nightmare with full of dirt stain! i did anything i could.. water.. water and soap.. even tide-to-go pen!

but i could not get rid off the stain.... ='(

does anybody know how to remove that kind of stain??? 
does it happen to someone else??

im so sad.. i just find a shiro dress and i was planning to use my umbrella to match the set but... not with awfull blackish stain!! 

thank to everybody!! ^-^' i hope someone will be able to help me!!!

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