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Going Out with Chocola-chan

          In June, Emma (industrialkitty) and myself, Alice, decided to make it our mission to dress in twin clothing. We also decided to buy winter coats from Angelic Pretty, and combined the two points of our goal together with one objective: matching winter coats from Angelic Pretty. I used my silly business-school accounting/finance-ness to project a budget for the coats, and we began saving. I kept an eye on the shop blogs for the first sign of coat-ness.

          When the coats were initially previewed, we consulted to select an appropriate design. It had to be something we both liked, and it had to be equally cute in black x black (Emma's colours) and pink x white (my colours). When pictures of the "Going Out Chocola-chan" coat were released in houndstooth, the debate was settled! n_n

          Unfortunately, our reservation did not go smoothly, and we were placed on the waiting list. ; ; Nooo.... Several months passed of waiting and wondering, until finally Celga informed me that Emma's coat was available...but not mine. ; ; I was quite a Sad Alice. However...eventually there was a stroke of luck! My coat was also available! Huzzah!

          Thus began the Quest for the Matching Headdresses~ I placed an order for them as soon as I saw the prototype on the blog, but pink x white was sold out! x_+ Again! Oh, Angelic Pretty, how you love to tempt me with beautiful waves and then dash my dreams against the rocks!

          But I was very lucky, and eventually the lovely Mai Ozawa obtained it for me from an auction. Emma was in my area tonight, so she came over--and we opened the coats! HOORAY!

          And here are pictures for everyone who didn't really care about any backstory--don't worry, I know that was a lot of silly ramblings~ n_~ But pictures make it all better!! Forgive our lack of shoes--no shoes are allowed on the carpet indoors, and we don't have matching shoes yet anyway.

The package of amazing coat-ness, and my little sister's Christmas present from me. n_n She got a pair of Angelic Pretty socks that match the ones I own, that way we both have a twin-lolita staple.

Twin coats! Twin cooooooaaaaaats! Excuse me while I collapse from excitement! We spent the whole time opening the package squealing with excitement and being very silly children. ...Of course, I'm older, but I don't really act it. e_e;;

Emma also got a pair of BABY's bunny earmuffs. I want a pair, but they didn't have pink x white this time...and I'm broke. I was a camera fairy while she unwrapped hers--they're sooooo cute!

Of course, they're even cuter on Emma. Because my little sister is sooooo adorable~ ; ; <3
They match the coat really well even though bunnies ≠ kitties.

Me in my pink, fluffy, ridiculous coat with the equally pink, fluffy, ridiculous headdress. I absolutely adore it--especially the buttons! They're little hearts with little ribbons ontop of them. Everything about this coat is amazing, from the pearls sewn into the fur trim to the pockets. Emma and I agree--pockets are made of win.

And my little sister being super-super cute as always in her coat, striking a silly pose. When we first tried on the coats we were playing around in front of the mirror in the small bathroom in my house being totally foolish. Luckily no photographic evidence exists for that. ...At least I hope not. The black coat looks so much more mature than the pink one...

Another shot of us together~ Emma's father took the pictures for us, and he was really, really good at it! Stand like so; no, turn that way; alright, do that; now stop doing that other thing... I think it's because he's involved in theatre. It was very nice of him to take pictures for us, and I super-super appreciate it.

My Christmas tree, Emma, and I wish all of you on egl a happy, frilly, enjoyable holiday season~ n_n

One final, farewell shot of my beloved coat and accessories. This is one set of lolita items that I will never part with--ever. *_* I love them so much!

          Thank you for looking, and I hope I didn't bore anyone to death~
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