Juli (juli_rawks) wrote in egl,

Dear Midwest lolis!

Hi, I and a few others are starting to plan a New Year's/Winter Meetup in Michigan, Either around Detroit or Ann Arbor. I just wanted to post the First in a two part series of polls/input threads here to see if anyone else is interested. If you are from the Michigan area or relatively close (some parts of Ohio are within an hours drive of Ann Arbor and I assume some other states might be also) and interested in meeting up for a Winter Cookie Swap with other Lolitas in a soon to be designated INDOOR spot, Please comment and let us know what you think and which area is better for you. While I'd prefer it be at least a casual lolita dress code, I won't turn you away if you are polite and interested in the fashion even if you don't have a solid outfit or wardrobe yet.

After we decide on a date and location, We'll be making further posts to RSVP :)

Again, that link is:

So please don't be scared to comment!
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