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new dress&blouse+review+extra

So. I ordered this  blouse and this dress from fanplusfriend on 11/20 and finally received them today!

Both arrived neatly folded in plastic. :3

There were various loose threads and what not. esp. around the buttonholes. at least if it comes apart, thank god I work at JoAnn. XD

The sleeves were also a tad too long. you can barely see my fingers poking through.

all in all, I really like the blouse. more so than the dress even. XD It fit excellently too.

The corduroy was nice and I thought the lace was cute. even though it made it a little weird wearing it with the blouse 'cos it was totally different lace on top of totally different lace.

Both of the bows on the top and bottom of the bodice area are actually safety pinned on. I guess so you can take them off if you want, or change their location? and since they are safety pinned on, the bows won't stay straight up but sag. Also, if you take them out, it was hard to tell where they were before I took them out, so I had trouble getting it back in so that it was centered. XD

The dress, like the blouse had lotsa loose threads. These were some that were on the bottom hem.

I had heard about this in other reviews; that f+f dresses tend to run a little long. So I specifically asked them to make it knee-length and even gave them my height [5'1] to make sure it would be the right kind of knee length. Yet, it seemed they didn't follow my request. As you can see, the dress is down to around my calves. But, that is without a petticoat, so I'm hoping a petticoat will fix the length issue.

All in all, I would def. buy from f+f again, and from this I have learned things to keep in mind when ordering again, ie the length issue, etc. So, hopefully this might be useful to anyone who was also interested in this dress or blouse. 

And here is the full dress + blouse! Please excuse the lack of petticoat, decent shoes and messy hair. It was cold, and I just quickly put the stuff on to hurry and take the picture. XD

I also discovered that the blouse looks wonderful with my new jacket I got at Forever 21. [The coat reminds me of alice nine. XD]

don't mind! The camera blurred from some reason. .__.  and I think the holiday wreath in the background ruins my attempt to set a serious mood. XDXD

The end~
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