Deportment and Frippery (celticfreefall) wrote in egl,
Deportment and Frippery


I know that a lot of ladies on the community are looking for Victorian boots, or Victorian styled shoes, so I've decided to share some of my personally well loved bookmarks with you all. Here are a few of my favorite sites, and almost all of them feature custom sizing for you larger footed souls! Many are pricey, but extremely well made and worth the dollars (compared to some shoddily made brand shoes XP ).

-My Vintage Shoe: A Step Back in Time
    Also check out their vintage shoe section for Victorian heels.  They also offer high button boots! All custom sized.

 Also carry ankle button boots, but their offerings for sizes are not broad, through size 10.

    They offer one style of Victorian lace up boot through size 10.

-KM Garlick Shoemaker: Specialist in Reproduction Period Shoes
    Look under their 19th Century Section. All custom sized.

-Sarah Juniper
    Now, these are decidedly not Victorian, although they have early 19thc shoes. But she makes the most delicious 18thc shoes and boots I've ever seen. Marie Antoinette style! These would look amazing with a great Rococo inspired dress. All custom sized!

If anyone would like me to add to the list, don't hesitate to comment and share.
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