Conquerer of Food, Destroyer of Worlds (iamchubbybunny) wrote in egl,
Conquerer of Food, Destroyer of Worlds

Eep! Another Disneyland photopost!

Here are a few of my photos from the Disneyland meetup on Dec. 15th....!

The group at the gate before going in! :)

Cute kids asking to get photos with us :)

Later on we met up again for lunch =D

Inside after finishing up lunch.. not the best photo.. sorry for those of you I cut out by accident X0

The Haunted Mansion was all redone to The Nightmare Before Christmas-theme..! Totally unexpected and awesome!! Some photos of it here..

At night the castle was all christmas-ied out.. i am SO COLD IN THIS PHOTO >.<

and my lovely press on nails ;)

I'm really sad I didn't get to spend more time with everyone! It was for the greater good, I suppose, since stupid Disney peeps were trying to throw us out every 5 steps we took.. ;.; Next time! Thanks for taking the time to organize the meetup, kuramew!

Thanks everyone for introducing me to the ways of SoCal (I'm a recent transplant)! I really appreciated it ;)
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