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Mini Meet photos and Plans for January Central FL Meetup

lotusx and I went to Mt. Dora in Central Florida and we had sooo much fun. We were really surprised at all the wonderful compliments we received. We got the usual, "Are you in a play?" Then they would ask us why we were dressed up and we would say "because." I think we blew their minds. They all thought it was wonderful that we dressed up since no one really does anymore. We actually had a couple of ladies ask if they could get their picture taken with us. They were so cute. I've had little girls ask to take their picture with me, but never anyone else. We also had a store ask me where I got my IW socks, to which I replied, "Japan." 0-o;; They were confused but, they wanted to know where to find the store because I think they wanted to stock them. lol The only bad part about the day was that it was about 80 degrees out and we melted. :(

It's interesting that older people are so much more accepting of the fashion than younger people. I know we got stared at in Mt. Dora, but when we went out in Orlando, we got straight out laughed at and then pointed at and laughed at while in the car on the way back to my apartment. Personally, I don't care what people think (If I did, I definitely wouldn't have the guts to wear lolita clothing), but its sad that people can be so hurtful towards people they don't even know. :( Creativity and being individual is certainly not celebrated in our world, especially when not even being a well known subculture or fashion.

"The Nail that Sticks Up will be hammered down."

lotusx and I going out on Friday night to see The Golden Compass

skirt: Anna House
blouse, cardigan, socks, necklace: BtSSB
Headbow: Meta

jsk: BtSSB
shoes: Antenna
bag: BPN

lotusx on Saturday outside of my apartment

jsk: off brand
bag: Meta
socks: BtSSB

Me on Saturday outside of my apartment

skirt, socks, headbow: Innocent World
blouse: BtSSB
shoes: Anna House

Us together on Saturday in the store where the old ladies asked us to take pictures with us

My cupcake from a really cute bakery in Mt. Dora. It was as strawberry icing with strawberry center. Yum! It was the just right because it wasn't too sugary.

Me and my cupcake...

lotusx and her cupcake, which I believe was red velvet cake?

cupcakes... yum....

Of course we went shopping in Mt. Dora and in the store where the ladies asked to take their pictures with us, I found the cutest traveling jewlery box, which I definitely need. Everything gets tangled up in my current one.

This is it open

All of the pieces taken out

I cannot figure out for the life of me what this part is for

I also picked this up in Mt. Dora and it works so well with my dress. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought it was made by IW. I love it and it was so cheap!

So, since lotusx and I had so much fun, we thought it would be great to do a larger meetup with everyone. Mt. Dora is about a half an hour North of Orlando and is a quaint little town with great antique shops and shopping perfect for lolitas. Lots of very pretty things and the reception of everyone, especially the shop owners was fantastic. It's nice to be admired by someone other than those who know and love lolita.

The meetup will mainly be on Saturday during the day in Mt. Dora, but if anyone wants to hangout on Friday, we could go see a movie or do something then too.

When: January 11th - 7PM til ? and 12th 12PM - ?
Where: on the 11th, Orlando; on the 12th, Mt. Dora
What: late lunch or tea at Garden Gate Tea Room, lots of shopping, ect...

I know that we have a lot of lolitas in Central FL, but not necessarily in Orlando. If everyone that is planning on driving (at least to Orlando) could comment as to whether they would be willing to give someone a ride that would be great so we can include as many as possible. If everyone could at least get a ride to Orlando, I'm sure we can manage to carpool everyone there. Lolitas from everywhere are certainly welcome.
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