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Houston Meetup FINAL DETAILS!

Sorry for the late confirmation of everything...real life got in the way of this (and don't we all hate that?)


Place: Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Date: Tomorrow, Thursday, December 20th
Time: 2:00 PM until ???
Price: Admission to the museum is FREE! But you may want extra spending money
What: If you don't know this yet, why are you reading? Gift exchange/meetup

Please meet inside in the lobby area. From there we will run amock and stuff. If all goes well, Rice Village is right around the corner and there are some fun shops there. We can get ice cream and window/actually shop. Any more info? E-mail me! Life is less hectic now and I can get back to you within a few hours of e-mailing me. lyricalfayethechibi[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Tomorrow morning I will e-mail everyone on the guest list with my cell phone number, so you can contact me. For that reason, if you are planning to come, please comment here with your e-mail address or e-mail me with your lj screen name. If you want to e-mail me with your cell phone number, I would love to get to know you guys better.

Gift Exchange

If anyone wants to participate in the gift exchange who hasn't already e-mailed me with their information, just bring a $10 or less gift with you and we'll find a way to work you in. For those confirmed already, please don't forget your gift! If you do, your partner may not want to give you yours!

Confirmed for gift exchange:
1. grimy_13
2. emmypenny (duh!)
3. m0shim0shi
4. hagarenfangirl

Guest List

As I get confirmation of who is coming, I'll add your name here. If you do want to still participate in the gift exchange, please let me know so I can work you in. Additionally, please let me know if you are bringing any extra people with you (friends, family, whatnot) so I don't have a heart attack when I see you with four others. If they can wear loli, that would be fabulous, but if they can't, just make sure they know what they are getting into and make it clear that they can't just slap on any cheap has to look good.

* - confirmed for gift exchange
** - wants to participate in gift exchange
+# - how many extra people you're bringing

1. grimy_13*
2. emmypenny*
3. m0shim0shi* +4
4. hagarenfangirl*
5. sleepy_kaze
6. azure_love
7. avanindra
8. mylittlefighter*
9. mikachanyo
10. naive_wanderer

***If you are planning on coming, please please please, give me your e-mail address so I can e-mail you my cell phone number tomorrow morning so that you can contact me in case something happens. Also, if you'd like to give me yours so I can call you if I'm delayed or whatever, that would be fantastic.***

I'm looking forward to seeing you all there!
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