Xyliandra (myrabidpetspoon) wrote in egl,

Big Footed Loli: Shoe Recommendations?

So, my shoe size is a women's 11 wide, or 12 depending on the shoe style. Obviously my foot is not going to squeeze into a brand shoe. >.<
So, I was wondering where other larger-footed lolis find their shoes, and what sort of shoes? Links to online sites are more than welcome. :P
Thank you in advance ladies!

[EDIT] So after browsing payless.com, I found some shoes that I think may work for the loli style. However, since I'm still new to this I would greatly appreciate opinions of some more seasoned lolitas.

1. I thought these might work for ELG/ELA?
2. I really like that the wedge is only 1"...
3. They also come in flats, if that's better...
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