La La Love You (unsecretcrush) wrote in egl,
La La Love You

Halp? Newb questions.

I'm an ultra-n00b to wearing actual lolita (I have a few things/outfits that I consider psuedo-loli or at least "bourgeoisie child of bygone era" style) so I was wondering if I could get some advice?

I'm thinking of trying to get one of the Metamorphose Special Sets, though since there are no measurements it's a bit of a gamble if it will actually fit me. My hips and low waist (for modern-fit clothing) I wear a very large size but my bust and high/natural waist are more petite by comparison. Being as it's an empire waist and a full-looking skirt, if the shirring panel is stretchy enough I think it has a pretty good chance to fit. Maybe.

So for starters, I'm wondering if this is a terrible idea, spending roughly $120 US (shipping included, if my currency converter widget is accurate) for my first lolita wardrobe piece and I don't even know if it will fit me. However the relative value of the whole set for the price entices me to the point where I will regret it forever if I don't at least try.

Secondly I was wondering which color to choose if I did try for one. I most like the ivory x brown, but I don't know what color blouse would be appropriate to coordinate with. Mainly it just seems like a white blouse with the ivory would look weird, but maybe I'm wrong. Are non-peter pan collars ever ok? I have a brown pintucked blouse from the Gap but it has a modern pointy collar. Would something sky blue look okay? My second choice is the grey, because I already have some loli-able white blouses and white with grey seems a more common color combination.

Finally, what are some hairstyle options for a person with thin, flat hair which will not hold a curl to save its life? It's not very long, either, just barely brushing my collarbones. If I just put a cute hairclip on, does that count as a "style" ?

edit: ten jillion hours trying to log in to flickr later (invalid login? noooes D:) here is a picture of my hair. I'm thinking of getting it cut but I think of that a lot and rarely do it.

It does this thing on only one side, which I call the "psycho curl" which will not be tamed. I cannot get both sides of my hair to be symmetrical, ever. One always flips in and the other out.

Thanks for taking the time, I hope my questions aren't too obnoxiously n00b. I've been searching memories and read the FAQ about a dozen times so I hope this post is ok.
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