floralcloud (floralcloud) wrote in egl,

Rocking horse shoe question...

Hi ladies,
I just bought a pair of rocking horse shoes from Double Decker, and I'm so happy to have gotten my first shoe purchase! OMG!
Anyway, I had a question- how do you ladies take care of those shoes? Do you just use regular shoe polish, or...? I have shoes with the same kind of leather, but they scuff really easily.
My other question is- I ordered a size up from Double Decker because I heard their shoes are really narrow. However, I'm really afraid of the shoes just slipping off or the ribbons breaking because they are slightly big for me. I want to add an elastic strap to the top or at least a ribbon to keep my foot in place, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

Thanks and I really appreciate all of your help!
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