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New Loli-inspired hanbok-style: "Han-loli"

A little history:
Way back in 2005 when I was still kinda new to livejournal, I wondered why there was no such thing as a "han"-loli or look based on hanbok (Korean traditional dress). I hadn't done much with it since then... until recently, when I really started to try to understand the lolita style. I tried to incorporate some lolita style to hanbok... but for sewing, I just altered the hanbok a little.

Now I know that just adding lace does not equal loli... but I still find it cute looking. :3

It all started with a hanbok chima (skirt/dress/jsk thing). This one was also one of the hanboks my mom wanted to throw away because it was too out of style and old.

I took the middle piece and added lace and pintucks then sewed them back together... though a bit shorter.

I added lace to the collar and wrist to the chogori (short jacket) and tied a deng-gi (virgin's hair ribbon) into a hair bow.

If you can excuse the poor lighting, this is kinda how it looks. :3

This is the han-JSK I made from the chima. I put a little lace on the shoulder straps. I was supposed to put more lace on the bottom of the "bodice" but I forgot. Xp

The inspiring design. Though this used a blouse with hanbok-like sleeves with the chogori as a short sleeved bolero. I really want to make this someday.

I have a couple more designs and will definitely make them - whether or not they are loli because I find them cute. :3

I just want to know what the egl community thinks of it and/or cultural wear adaptation as a whole.

...or if anyone in the egl community has seen a "han"-loli, if they could forward the pictures so I could have a reference point. ^^;;

Suggestions more than welcome!
Tags: *handmade, garment: dresses, media: design, sewing: garments
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