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December Holiday Meet- Bay Area lolita pictures

Here are some pictures from our December meet up in Clayton.

I will now make up a story that is entirely false to go with the pictures!
5 Little Boys played by: Rob. Jeremy, William (not shown). Will (not shown). Jon.
5 Little Girls played by: Jenn, Jen, Stella, Ashley, and Erica

One day Santa held a workshop in the East Bay
It had lots of mini treats for all the little girls and boys to eat....

However the little boys turned out to be big men whose appetites were not quite quenched by Santa's meal of sandwiches and peppermint tea. Instead they grew boredand more hungry by the minute. They thought, "What is this frilly place and why are we here?!"

The little girls on the other hand had just enough and were warm and cozy and soon settled in to make ornaments in Santa's workshop.

Little Jenn made an Angelic Pretty Logo Ornament while thinking of what she wanted for Christmas!

Little Jen (with one n) on the other hand got greedy ._. ;

All the girls had smiles and fun. Because we al know girls know how to have a good time more so than boys ;p! They gathered round to take cute pictures but unfortunately Santa had left town so there were no pictures with him that day.

Though Santa had lef tfor 3 girls some special gifts that not just anyone can give. He told the three girls to stand by the special nutcracker marked with an E and low and behold these girls were engaged and soon to be married off!
What a wonderful Christmas time surprise! 

Shortly after everyone packed up and went to get Christmas gifts or gorge themselves on scones made by Miffytoki.

The End.

Side Story:


You are cold because you have no loli coat!


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