Wilhelmina Tapkins (need_pins_les) wrote in egl,
Wilhelmina Tapkins

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Dickens Faire

If anyone is planning on going, I'll be at the Dickens Faire today from 11-7 and then at Gaskells tonight. I'll be wearing a white button-down shirt, red/brown plaid skirt (no hoops), and a light brown capalet at Fezziwigs (seriously, I live there now). At Gaskells look for the girl in the great big blue plaid 9though it's small plaid) dress with the big pouf of a skirt and large drapey blue necklace. Brown hair and glasses if you still have trouble. I'll be at Dickens tomorrow, too, for anyone who can't catch me today. Find me and we can all go have tea or something! :D
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