Julie Doll (smileysquid) wrote in egl,
Julie Doll

MaruiOne Quesionnaire

Hi everybody!
MaruiOne has sent me an email asking for feedback on their new website.
They would really appreciate it, as it would help them learn more about the overseas market.

Please answer with understandable english and answer the questions as much detail as you can. [And also number your answers to correlate to the question being answered.]

I will be sending MaruiOne the link to this questionnaire, so make sure what you're saying is honest, helpful, and/or constructive criticism.

If you know another online community that could answer this questionnaire, please tell me. I want to help MaruiOne get as much feedback as possible.

Thank you~!

I have copy and pasted their questionnaire from my email, so here it is:

Introducing the[maruione.jp]webpage. We provide information on Japan and
a place to shop for everything from pop fashion attire to traditional goods!

Access the site here:

Have a look at the[LIVEJ]information website by accessing here:

(You can also follow the link from the top banner at maruione.jp)

Give us your opinion on what you think about our site!

Q1.Please state your Country of residence, Age, Gender, Profession.

Q2.What is the loading speed on this page for you?
○1Fast ○2Average ○3Slow ○4Extremely slow

Q3.What type of internet connection do you have?
(E.g. broadband, dial up, ADSL, cable)

Q4.Do you believe this site will become popular?

Q5.Is there any problems or irregularities with the images or text?
If yes, please let us know where.

Q6.Is there any part of the site that is difficult to use or navigate?
If yes, let us know where.

Q7.Is there any product(s) on the[maruione.jp]website that you would like to purchase?

Q8.Is there any product(s) you would like to see available on[maruione.jp]?

Q9.Was there any part that particularly interested you on the[LIVEJ]

Q10.Is there any information you would like to see on the[LIVEJ]website?

Q11.Do you have any other comments or suggestions for the[maruione.jp]website?

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