Kat Reaganomics (junklandbabette) wrote in egl,
Kat Reaganomics

Another favor

Okay, so I looked through the LJ Seek and the memories and I couldn't find anything on this, so here goes.

I am thinking of placing an order with F+F in the near future and I have an unreasonable amount of  a few questions. :D

I wanted to include http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-512/Punk-Casual-Gothic-Lolita/Detail that skirt. But the length on the model looked a bit short to me on the model wearing it. Does it seem short to you? Though, considering that I'm 5'3 and they made it for a woman of 5'5 I don't think I'll have a problem,  

Also about their sizing...it seems to run larger. I read in LG Search that it would be better if I just mailed them custom measurements which I think is a good idea. But has anyone who doesn't order with custom sizing ever had a problem? 

I've also read that the quality of F+F goes down over the holidays. In what sort of ways? Are the items completely messed up or are there just small errors? How long after the holidays should I wait to place my order? 

Thanks for all your lovely help so far!


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